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26 String Pine Harp

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26 String Pine Harp

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All the wood has been sanded to 240 grit, which makes it ready for staining and applying a wipe-on finish such as tung oil or Minwax Wipe On Poly. You just need a Phillips head screwdriver (#0) to screw on the 26 tuners. A string winder is provided to help string and tune the harp. With the Snark Chromatic Quartz tuner, which clips on the harp, you'll never be out of tune. The harp has 26 color- coded strings (blue C's and red F's - specify if you prefer redC's and blue F's). Also included is an instructional DVD to assist in assembly and to help you play by ear.
The harp also comes with a simple and inexpensive way to get sharps and flats for accidentals, called Taquitos, which is a small dowel set behind certain strings to achieve the semitones

26 string Pine Harp Kit
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We also offer harp building seminars. All materials included plus one-on-one instruction. Guaranteed completion before you leave. Call 540-635-2534 for information.