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26 String Pine Harp

To this 26 String Pine Harp

In about a day

In just a little more than a day, you can make this stylish and great sounding harp, patterned after the incomparable Paraguayan harp.. It requires simple tools, and requires just a bit more woodworking skills than the 26 string pine harp The HARPUNE has a nice size resonator ( sound box with an open back. ) The simple kit includes full-size plans (24" X 36") with written instructions, a DVD which shows every step of the process, as well as some simple instructions on tuning and playing by ear. It has 26 color-coded strings ( blue C's and Red F's- specify if your prefer red C's and Blue F's). We include 26 beads for knotting the strings, 26 precision-geared guitar tuning machines, a string winder, a Snark Chromatic Automatic clip on quartz tuner, and 2 rubber feet with mounting screws. You buy 1 piece of 1" x 12" x 6' of pine, two 3/16' dowels, and a small piece of 1/8" thick plywood. There is very minimum gluing as the tension holds the harp together. The wood should cost no more than $25. The harp also comes with a simple and inexpensive way to play sharps and flats, by using taquitos, which are small dowels set behind certain strings to achieve the semitones.

26 String Harpune
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We also offer harp building seminars. All materials included plus one-on-one instruction. Guaranteed completion before you leave. Call 540-635-2534 for information.