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26 String Harpune Click to play a short instructional video on the harpune:

From this
26 String Pine Harp

To this 26 String Pine Harp

In about a day

All the wood has been sanded to 240 grit, which makes it ready for staining and applying a wipe-on finish such as Minwax Wipe On Poly, or tung oil. You just need a Phillips head screwdriver (#0) and a regular size screwdriver. We include a string winder to help you string the harp and tune it. We include a Snark clip on Chromatic Quartz tuner so you'll never be out of tune. The harp has 26 color-coded strings (blue C's and red F's- specify if you prefer red C's and blue F's). We also include an instructional DVD to assist in assembly (which literally takes minutes- other than stringing it which takes a few hours). The DVD also has a section on tuning and playing by ear. The HARPUNE also comes with a simple way to achieve sharps and flats, called Taquitos, which are small dowels set behind certain strings to achieve the semitones They are included and should be installed a few weeks after the harp has settled in. They take only minutes to install.

26 String Harpune Complete Kit
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We also offer harp building seminars. All materials included plus one-on-one instruction. Guaranteed completion before you leave. Call 540-635-2534 for information.