John Kovac
And His Harps
John Kovac - Harpmaker
344 Cloud St
Front Royal, VA 22630
(540) 635-2534

My passion for years has been the folk harp.

There are two basic types of harps: Concert harps have pedals, which allow the harpist to change the pitch of the strings. Concert harps are very expensive ($20,000 or more) and very heavy (about 90 pounds).

All harps other than concert harps are folk harps. Folk harps have never been standarized. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be constructed from such common materials as PVC pipe and fittings.

As a harpmaker, I have constructed well over 200 folk harps such as those seen in the picture to the right. I play each and believe that I learn something after building every one. I'm constantly experimenting and never try to do the same thing twice.

I've lectured about harpbuilding at the Library of Congress, and have been invited to perform at 3 international harp conferences. I've authored two articles about harp construction in harp journals. My designs have been reproduced in kits, videos, and books.

Paraguayan Harp