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Welcome! The harp is one of the most ancient of musical instruments and one of the easiest to play.

I share my enthusiasm for the instrument by offering my recordings as well as a number of my books, videos and kits that have introduced hundreds to the pleasure of the harp.

My book Harpmaking Made Simple, my videos, and my folk harp kits have introduced musicians and non-musicians alike to the joys of playing the folk harp. I hope I can do the same for you.

I'm sure you will be fascinated with my newest invention, PVC musical instruments. Click on a tune below to hear samples from the incredible Piper Harp. You can easily build one yourself with the The Piper Harp Kit

Greensleeves    The Magic Flute

My newest book, PVC Musical Instruments And How To Make Them shows how to make 17 different musical instruments from commonly-available PVC pipe. It includes a CD with recordings from an entire PVC orchestra.

I have been making harps for over 25 years and am constantly experimenting in an effort to simplify and improve the design so that anyone with a will and a few simple tools can make a harp. The two newest harp designs are the 26 String Pine Harp that anyone with the simplest of tools can make, and also the 26 string Harpune which is just a little more challenging to build but has a much louder tone than the Pine Harp. Both of these harps are lightweight, ergonomically correct, easy to tune , use sustainable woods, have a cool feel, and can ever be disassembled and reconstructed in very short time for airline transport.

Paraguayan Harp

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