PVC Musical Instruments
And How To Make Them
John Kovac - Harpmaker
344 Cloud St
Front Royal, VA 22630
(540) 635-2534

Detailed plans for harp, slide guitar, violin/fiddle, cello bass, slide whistle, panpipes, talking drone, didgeridoo, udu, kazoo, friction drum/cuica, stir drum, rattle, rainstick, bull roarer, and nail violin.

Full plans and instructions to build ALL of the instruments for under $250. Full-size templates and readily available parts makes it easy and fun to build and play PVC instruments that fit together perfectly and sound great.

Most instruments can be built in less than two hours.

The book includes a CD with 32 tracks including 10 tracks of ensemble PVC instrument recordings, 17 tracks reaturing each instrument in a solo recording, and 5 tracks of tuning reference notes.

PVC Musical Instruments And How to Make Them
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