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How to Play the Harp by Ear in 7 Easy Lessons
Includes tuning, technique, rhythm, chords, harmony, melody, combining melody and chords, and learning tunes yourself. (Approximately 1 hour)

10 Minutes a Day of Exercise Towards Harp Virtuosity
Scales and arpeggio exercises to improve ear training, finger dexterity, gaining independence of right and left hands. A must for the serious harper. (58 minutes)

Exercises To Help You Play Like a Pro With Geronimo Morinigo
Great arpeggio exercises, trino, 2 note exercises, practice in octaves, 4 note scales, train effect (Approximately 1 hour)

More Exercises To Help You Play Like a Pro With Silvio Solis
Major and minor arpeggios, 6th, 7th and 9th arpeggios, and more (Approximately 75 minutes)

Regular & Slow Versions of Pajoro Choqui, Gaolpera, La Paloma Blanca, Concierto en la Llanura, Moliendo Cafe performed by Geronimo Mrinigo
Listen, watch and learn (Approximately 1 hour)

Pajaro Campana
Learn to play Paraguay's most famous harp tune. A virtuoso piece made easy - demonstrated in slow passages and broken down in sections by one of Paraguay's most respected harpists, Enrique Samaniego (Approximately 1 hour)

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Learn to play tunes from my recordings!

Learn to play a tune by watching me play it slowly in the same key as the recording.

Companion learning DVDs are available for the following CDs:

  • A Few Of My Favorite Strings
  • World's Favorite Harp Tunes
  • Sacred Harp Music
  • Harp! The Herald Angels Strings
  • Soul O' Harp
  • Isle Harp
  • For The Young At Harp

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